Ribs for dinner.

DISCLAIMER: The photos in this post are not great. Also they are not edited in any way, save for cropping. Mostly they’re not great because I was taking them on the Messenger app to send to my sister, as a way to document my evening but also so I could send photos of meat and desserts to my sister, both of which my sister is not too keen on so I’m glad to annoy her in that way. 🙂

I made dinner tonight. Ribs. On the grill. Something I’ve never done. I’ve never made ribs before, at least not on my own, and I’ve never really grilled anything before. So. I did my best. I prepped the ribs the night before in some brown sugar and spices, then let them hang out in the refrigerator. Today Brittney and I moved the grill from its place in the shed to the top of the long ramp attached to our house where it could be easily accessed from the back door. After we moved the grill, I fired it up.

Ribs on the grill!

The ribs were in an aluminum pan with some liquid (chicken broth and apple cider vinegar, I think), and so I left them on the grill for a good long time while Brittney and I were busy doing other things, like chopping up vegetables to be sauteed to go with the ribs (mushrooms, onions and bell peppers), washing, peeling and shredding potatoes to become potato pancakes, something else I’ve never made before, dicing up dill and chives for the potato pancakes, actual making and frying of the potato pancakes, and working on looking up a recipe for a no-bake cheesecake because our plan to make brownies fell through earlier in the day due to an issue with the gas stove, in that the pilot light might be out but I am not entirely sure how to fix it. But that’s a story for a different day. Instead of brownies, no-bake cheesecake it is! With Oreos, because why not.

Potato pancakes! Shredded potatoes and onion, eggs, chopped dill and chives, I added feta cheese, and flour. Tasty!
Chopped mushrooms, onions and peppers, awaiting their turn in the frying pan.

So, yeah, then finally getting back to the ribs, who by this point, have spent a good long time on the grill. I brought the ribs in, and as I removed the tin foil, the liquid I had mentioned earlier, had become more black than liquid. Oops.

Yeah, you can definitely see how burned that is, the pan is just black. My bad! But the top of the meat was excellent.
The burned bits.

So I removed the ribs, which had become more-than-slightly charcoaled onto the bottom of the pan, and placed them on the cutting board to cool. Brittney was going to shred the ribs, essentially, by removing the edible parts from the non-edible parts. She’ll read this and think, oh it really wasn’t that bad, and I know this because she told me so but still. I think we should get a “Grilling for Dummies” book or some shit like that, because like I said, I’ve never grilled before and I’d like to not charcoal everything. Anyway, after I got the ribs out of the charcoal mess of an aluminum pan, Brittney shredded and tossed them with BBQ sauce. I finished frying the potato pancakes and by then the veggies had been sauteed to a satisfactory level.

The potato pancakes! So good!
And the sauteed veggies! Also good!

An Oreo crust to the cheesecake had even been made, and popped in the freezer. We got our $0.25 plastic plates from Walmart, pink or blue tonight (I got blue), and we had a pretty delectable supper. Brittney agreed.

The final product! Shredded ribs in BBQ sauce with sauteed veggies and potato pancakes.
I made a sour cream-Ranch sauce for the potato pancakes. It was pretty tasty.
Slowly disappearing…
Done! Double yum!

After we ate our food, Brittney and I had a wonderful video chat with our dear friend Misa from Jamestown, and then I finished making the cheesecake. So many Oreos.

Making the cheesecake filling!

It sat in the freezer (which, by the way, is a brand new freezer and is therefore very good at its job. Same with refrigeration. Keeps things very crispy – like cold crispy, not hot crispy.) for like 25 minutes so it was fairly solid when I did cut out a piece for Brittney and myself. It was so totally melt-in-your-mouth delicious. Yum!!

Yes this was a delicious dessert, my goodness.

All in all, I’d say it was a successful Sunday, and our delightful supper was the perfect cap to the weekend. It was a good weekend. Here’s to many more good weekends!

The aftermath, to be taken care of tomorrow.

Oh yeah, we forgot to add the coleslaw. Thought of it every time I opened the refrigerator to get something else, and forgot about it when the time came to take it out and dish it up. But that’s probably just the story of coleslaw’s life.

Goodnight, coleslaw!

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