BC Woodworking

So, the second weekend in July I went home to my parent’s house in southern Minnesota. It was a quiet weekend spent by the lake, eating good food and visiting with family.

The uber delicious meal my mom made. All of the food is from the garden, sans the salmon. Cedar Lake doesn’t have salmon, unfortunately.

Omg this cake was SO DELICIOUS. Especially with a little basil on top, mmm!

On Saturday, we got up to watch the Sweden vs. England soccer game for a place in the semi finals but alas, they did not win. We took a photo with our soccer shirts on, nonetheless.

Saturday night we also had one of our annual bonfires. We always have a lot of branches/sticks/bramble that falls down during the winter, and it was always the job of the kids (my brother, sister and I) to pick up sticks every spring during clean up time. It sucked. But it made for a nice show a few weeks into summer! See below.

This fire ended up getting really smokey because there was a wet blanket in there or something. Unsure. There was also a rat that ran out. Ick. And the mosquitos were just AWFUL. I’m not a mosquito fan.

Anyway, on Sunday when I woke up, my dad wanted to spend a couple hours showing me how he makes his wooden spoons. It was fun, watching a block of wood become a neat little spoon. The whole process took about an hour and a half because he just had to find the right wood. He thought the kind he ended up choosing was cherry, but it’s hard to tell when they’re all hanging out in a pile.

After selecting the chosen piece, he had to give it a few chops with his ax, as seen depicted below.

The photos that follow will be the transformation of log into a neat little spatula. Hold onto your hats!

*disclaimer: I don’t actually remember what all the tools are, there’s something called a planar, a big sander and a hand-held sander, a pencil, a cutty-out thing (actually there are probably two cutty-out things), and one pair of talented hands.

The first cutting machine!

Choosing the pattern.

Ah. There’s the pencil.

Making the wood flat, I think.

And the second cutting machine!


Back to the wood-flattener.



Sanding again.

Hand-held sander.

Almost done sanding.


Here’s the pre-oiled product. Isn’t she lovely?

Cutting board oil, apparently.

Oil ‘er up and let ‘er dry.

Aaaand finished! So pretty!

I’ve already used it like, 4 times. 🙂 Thanks dad!!!

Alright, well that’s all I have on the subject. My dad makes butter knives as well, those are pretty neat, but perhaps a topic for another post.

In the meantime, have a lovely day!

2 thoughts on “BC Woodworking

  1. I have purchased many things like spoons,knives and spatula thing from your Dad,I love using them. And the best part is that they are pretty 😊. Jodilynn Lueth


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