Anna Linnea Photography

Hello there, friend!

Welcome to my photography blog, where I will be taking pictures of things (mostly flowers, sometimes people) and showcasing them to the world. Whether or not the world is ready remains to be seen.

My name is Anna, and I am currently en route to becoming a registered dietitian. I will graduate in May of 2017 from the University of North Dakota, and from there, who knows! I am like a leaf in the wind, just waiting to see where the breeze will take me. (Philosophical, I know.. maybe I am in the wrong major? Ha.)

I had things that I wanted to say, but my mind is drawing a blank at the moment. Creating a website is hard work. I’ll have to come back and write another post. Obviously. Because that is what people do when they have a blog; periodically updating it seems like a wise choice. Feel free to check out my photos, like I said I have a passion for macro photography and finding the beauty in our world. I also enjoy taking photos of my family and friends, and my pets, of course. I am a cat person, 100%. Dogs are nice and all, but cats are where its at. Anyway, I digress. Please do not hesitate to poke around my somewhat lacking-in-all-sorts-of-things blog; it is still under construction, so keep that in mind. Thank you in advance, and enjoy!

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